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    Outlook 98 Hangs on startup


    by bporter ·

    Configuration is an NT4 server, exchange 5.5 sp3. Client is a W95 with outlook 98.

    We have just finished converting our office to this config (some 98 workstations) with no problems.

    On 1 W95 machine, when Outlook starts, it connects to the server, displays new mail, allows to switch between a few pieces of mail and then hangs. Can’t switch to the calender or contacts. Can’t do anything in outlook.

    I’ve uninstalled and reloaded Outlook several times. Tried different profiles. I can ping the server with the server name. I’ve run Norton’s WinDoctor program. Nothing has worked.

    Any ideas?


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      Outlook 98 Hangs on startup

      by kerry.howard ·

      In reply to Outlook 98 Hangs on startup

      I had a similar problem once. I found it to be that the user’s Personal Folder had become too large. I ended up having to recover it from backup before it had become corrupt and then had to get the person to delete a heap of emails straight away.

      If it wasn’t this then it was simply that the Personal Folder had become corrupt – Does this particular user have a Personal Folder?

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      Outlook 98 Hangs on startup

      by bporter ·

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