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    Outlook assistance


    by sergiogro ·

    I got this word sheet with company logo and our business address, how can I make this file the default page on every new mai I open? I’d tried to do it using a Rich text format but doesn’t work?, any suggestions?

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      by baz_shaw ·

      In reply to Outlook assistance

      I’m assuming that what you want to do is use your company letterhead as a background stationery for new mail you send out?

      If so, here is the procedure which works for Outlook 2000 (can’t vouch for other versions).

      First, you have to convert your Word document to an html format. To do this, open it in Word, choose FILE/SAVE AS WEB PAGE. It will prompt you for the usual filename and folder to save it in. Remember what you call it and where you put it!. Close the document.

      Next, open Outlook and from the main screen toolbar, choose TOOLS/OPTIONS/MAIL FORMAT. In the top section of this box, select HTML for “Send message in this format:”

      Now, in the middle section “Stationery & Fonts”, click on “Stationery Picker”, then “New” and in the “Create New Staionery” window, give the new stationery a name (eg “Company”) select the radio button next to “Use this file as Template” and Browse to your company document html file. Click “Next” and select the options you want for Font, Background color etc and click Finish.

      You can create different templates in the same way, and once you have them named, they will appear in the “Use this stationery by default” dropdown box under the Mail Format tab.

      Hope this provides you with what you wanted.

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