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Outlook 'Autocomplete' should be banned.

By CharlieSpencer ·
I replaced a user's computer yesterday. This morning she called to ask why Outlook wasn't automatically completing e-mail addresses after she typed a few characters. I explained that the 'Autocomplete' feature stored those addresses on the individual computer and not as part of her e-mail account.

"But all my customer addresses are in there!"

"Didn't you create Contacts for them?"

"Isn't that where the addresses were coming from?"

This isn't the user's fault; insufficient training never is. But this 'feature' encourages reliance on a crutch that can't be accessed remotely or from other systems; and discourages creating a Contact that stays with the account and can be easily shared or transferred to other employees.

I'm going to start turning this 'feature' off, just as soon as I look up how much trouble it's going to be to attempt to transfer it.

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not much trouble.

by cmiller5400 In reply to Outlook 'Autocomplete' sh ...

Just copy the "Outlook profile name".nk2 file from the old pc to the new one. Should be in C:\Doc settings\username\app data\microsoft\outlook

I do this all the time. And yes it is a pain.

Edit: to fix a name issue.

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I've got enough to do when migrating machines

by CharlieSpencer In reply to not much trouble.

without adding yet another step to accommodate a poor practice. But let's overlook the migration problems.

What about someone who uses multiple systems, a loaner laptop on vacation, or Outlook Web Access? He can't access his AutoComplete data from those systems.

What about when she retires, or goes on vacation or medical leave? AutoComplete entries can't be put in a Public Folder or SharePoint list. I strongly doubt two .NK2 files can be merged; (they're not text files) so there's no transferring the addresses between employees.

It just another of those 'features' that encourages poor data management.

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Calm down ...

by Seaweedd In reply to I've got enough to do whe ...

Users love this feature, and were all in the business of keeping our users happy no matter how fickle they can be at times.

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Happy vs. safe

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Calm down ...

What if the hard drive crashes? Instead of having Contacts on a backed-up server, we could be paying thousands for data recovery.

Our jobs involve walking that line between convenience and security. I submit this 'feature' isn't worth it. Better would be to ask the user if he wanted to create a new Contact whenever a new address is encountered.

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A dislike I have of Outlook

by jfuller05 In reply to Outlook 'Autocomplete' sh ...

Why are the .pst utility tools hidden in explorer?

Why aren't the utility tools in the Outlook gui?

I know that's a small complaint, but it's still a, "Why?" thought I have of Outlook.

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HIdden .PSTs

by CharlieSpencer In reply to A dislike I have of Outlo ...

Even worse, if you turn on the 'View Hidden Files' option, the .PSTs still don't show up in a search.

The darn things should be created in the user's 'My Documents' by default. So much for consistency, Redmond.

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