Outlook automatically configures with Exchange first time it is launched

By Dedlbug ·
Hi everyone. I had a call from a tech support rep today who works for a small company. His primary role is desktop support, but called me for Outlook/Exchange answers. Here's what he told me:

I have a new SBS 2003 Server running Exchange. One XP Pro workstation in the new domain was used as a stand-alone computer prior to the domain creation/server install. This computer had Outlook 2003 configured for POP e-mail. The computer is joined to the domain and the user logs in. As soon as the user opened Outlook, it automatically configured itself for the Exchange environment. NOW we want to import his old PST file into Outlook, but it is nowhere to be found???

I didn't know what to tell the guy. I said if you can't find the PST file on the computer, you wont be able to import his contacts and e-mails.

My question to you is, Is it even possible for Outlook to automatically configure itself in an Exchange environment? Or any ideas where his PST file could be? Personally, I don't beleive we will be able to do anything. I think "someone" messed up somewhere and that's too bad. Any clues though would be helpful. Thanks again. =]

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It may have

by Jacky Howe In reply to Outlook automatically con ...

automatically configured itself with some user intervention. The .pst file should be in the original users profile before it was put on the domain. This link may help.

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That's probably it

by Dedlbug In reply to It may have

Thanks for the help. According the guy having the issue, he swears that when Outlook opened, it just automatically configured itself, and in the process, caused the pst from the local account to "disappear". I personally think the guy intervened and screwed something up or just isn't that familiar with the process of E-mail/Outlook. It seems to be rather basic stuff to you and I, but I thought maybe I was missing some possible server configuration. In the end, I will probably go out and help this guy in person and see if I can't find the pst file. (sounds like user error)

Thanks again. =]

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