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Outlook - Blank To: field after sending

By Gav@Melbourne ·
Sent items for this user occasionally don't have a name in the To: field (completely empty).

There are no other recipients. The email is sent successfully, but there is no way or seeing exactly who the email went to, on screen or in print (bad for filing).

Seems to be occuring when the user sends as a delegate (on behalf of her boss). Using Outlook and Exchange 2003.

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by sandeeppanayil In reply to Outlook - Blank To: field ...

if you send the mail with the email ids to BCC then the recepient cannot see the TO :
This portion will be totally blank.This is done generally when people doesnot want,who all are the recepeint.

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by Gav@Melbourne In reply to

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by Gav@Melbourne In reply to Outlook - Blank To: field ...

I'm am reffering to the sender, not the recipient ("Sent items for this user...")

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Blank To field in Sent Items

by nospam In reply to Outlook - Blank To: field ...

We have this problem too.... it only occurs when sending to an address outside of the domain. Also, if you open the sent item and hit Reply to All, you will see all the addresses the email was sent to. At that point, if you try and add the address to contacts, you will get a double quote mark in the Display Name.

I still haven't found a solution.....have you??

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Same Problem here: email reaches recipient, but sender views & no To addy

by btemple In reply to Blank To field in Sent It ...

Our sender with the missing "to" field is not BCCing and not sending on behalf of anyone. The emails reach their recipients but when viewed in Sent Items there is nothing in the To field.
It is intermittent and we cannot recreate it at will. We run Exchange 2003.
Please forward me a solution too if it does not post here. Thank you!

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Blank To field in Sent Items (IMAP)

Just checking in...has anyone found a solution to this issue yet? We have a single user who is experiencing the same issue daily.


-User uses Outlook 2003/SP2 @ desk
-When off-site, user uses a browser-based email (squirrel mail) to access email.
-When user returns to desk and opens Outlook, all of his sent items sent using Squirrel Mail have blank names in the "To" field until the user opens or previews each message in a reading pane.

Any ideas about this?


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by david_hymers In reply to Blank To field in Sent It ...

Anyone have a solution for this yet, I have a user who is getting this problem quite often.

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by robcne In reply to

After a LOT of searching I have gotten down to the bottom of this problem. There are actually 2 similar ways that this problem can occur. Both of them boil down to basically the same problem (lack of a Display Name).

1. When the user creates a new email the recipient's address will come from the cache file. If the email address doesn't contain a Display Name the Display Name ends up being ", and when you view the item in your Sent folder you'll see a blank name.

2. When the user does a Reply/Repy-to-All and the address doesn't contain a Display Name you'll notice that the address is <>. Note: The offenders are always displayed in "<" and ">".

You can correct #1. by updating your contacts that don't contain a Display Name, so that future messages WILL contain one.

You can also correct #2 by being careful when using Reply. If you notice an address inside of "<" and ">", right-click on the address, pick Outlook Properties..., and update the Display Name field.

If Outlook were a bit smarter then perhaps it would use the email address, if Display Name == "", but until then keep an eye out, mainly when replying to email.

The following link helped me figure all of this out...


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Same problem

by Daniel.marquis In reply to Blank To field in Sent It ...

I have the same problem after recently migrating from Lotus notes to Outlook. One of our users when trying to search for certain emails in his 'sent' folder - the 'to' field is blank so he can't find the mails he needs to. It is Outlook 2003 SP2 running alongside office 2002 on XP SP2.

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Blank To field in Sent Items

by mo76ine In reply to Outlook - Blank To: field ...

we have the same problem with "Blank To field in Sent Items"

any help i appriciate thanks


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