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Outlook Calendar & Citrix

By Corus SA ·
Some of the staff in my company are experiencing an issue where their Outlook calendar, when logged in through Citrix, is an hour off. Consequently, we are running the risk of people missing appointments because the calendar is showing the wrong time. This is not happening to everyone and for one person its correct when they are in one office, but wrong when they are in another office (all of our offices are in the same time zone). It seems very random, only some users and only in certain offices and that is somewhat confusing to me. We are using Exchange 2000 with Windows XP Pro clients and Citrix Presentation Server Client 9.0. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Daylight Savings Time adjustment ?

by fun_to_know In reply to Outlook Calendar & Citrix

Have you checked to be sure if there is a Daylight Savings Time issue ? It should self adjust if checked off. BE Cautious if you re-eable Daylight Savings because it instantly changes all existing entries and any reoccuring multiple day entries will change complete dates.

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by resalaza In reply to Outlook Calendar & Citrix

You need to make sure that the timezone on the client is set properly. Citrix has a "client timezone" configuration that is set on the farm level. If this is set, then it will grab the timezone information from the client and adjust the time in the Citrix session. So if this is happening to only a select few...check the thin client time and most importently...the timezone. Hope that helps.

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by UAnimosity In reply to suggestion

Im working for a company that uses a seperate hosting company four our citrix farm. I found that when you disable the "auto update dst" on the client pc it puts the client 1 hour back, but will keep the outlook schedule correct. Enabling the option puts the client pc correct, but moves all appointment ahead by 1 hour.

I was informed by our hosting company that it is due to installing the patch after the actual time has happened, but that does not make sense to me. Would anyone be able to clairfy or explain how this would be right/wrong?

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by UAnimosity In reply to continued

The reason why this happens is because the outlook update tool is ran on the user's citrix profile before the user has the main hotfix installed on their pc. This causes the outlook calendar to be correct, but the time to be off on their desktop pc and in their citrix session.

Then, if the pc update is run, it will restore the time settings on the pc and accross the citrix session, but outlook will move appointments ahead one our, because of the hex key changes applied by the hotfix.

If you install the hotfix on the PC and then run the outlook tool on the session again, it should restore the calendar dates to the right time.

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