Outlook: can receive mails but not send ONLY when out of office!

By johnrcotton ·

My outlook account is configured with POP3 mail. I've had it set up for 1 year. Everything works fine until I move location. I went on holiday to France last year. My mails were received OK but wouldn't send. I am now in Germany and having the same problem.

Any ideas please? Thanks

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Did you change your Outgoing Mail Server?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook: can receive mail ...

When you change ISP's you need to change the Outgoing Mail Server.


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by markp24 In reply to Outlook: can receive mail ...

You may need to change the port the outgoing server is using since you not on the same ISP.
As Osmeg said it may be an new server, but ususally i find it s the port # that needs to be changed (sometimes to 587 (at least for verizon))
check you mail providers website for this type of information.

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Is this your personal ISP or is it through your work?

by Triviaologist In reply to Outlook: can receive mail ...

If this is through your personal Internet Service Provider (ISP), check to see if they have a website. there may be a tech support section with FAQs wherein they may explain this situation, or you may be able to verify your outgoing mail settings match their recommendations. Sometimes it may just be checking/un-checking the SSL setting or changing the port. No matter what, check with your ISP. If you're having this issue with you work email, through your work server, hopefully you have a great technical support person who can help you. In addition, you may be able to have your ISP or work tech support person remote into your laptop and take a look over your shoulder to help you verify your settings. Oh... and don't forget the time difference if you call for technical support :-)

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