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Outlook - Cannot connect to Server

By house ·
We a client right now who is running XP with Norton Security Center. He has a DSL connection with us and he is not running through a proxy. He is directly connected with us using the public address that we've assigned.

The client is timing out when he tries to connect to our email server through Outlook express. We've tried almost everything.

1) recreated the account in outlook

2) disabled both the firewall and email scanning

3) verified that Windows Firewall was not on

4) checked settings regarding security, password, servers, account name, TTL, etc.

5) One thing that I noticed is that he cannot ping any web domains, but he can actually browse the internet. Even without the firewall up.

6) One thing I thought strange was the use of a browser called Avant, although it has been functioning fine before

Any thoughts? By the way, yes, our server is up!!!

Thank You,

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by ReWrite In reply to Outlook - Cannot connect ...

XP's firewall is not on but what about disabling norton?



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by house In reply to

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Firewall, Antivirus, and general security software were not the culprits, but it is a common issue.

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by willcomp In reply to Outlook - Cannot connect ...


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling OE?

Installing another e-mail client (e.g. Eudora) may help determine whether it's an OE problem or an OS/settings issue.

One would assume that if they can access the internet, they could communicate with the mail server. However, I have seen a case similar to yours. Everything was lovely except that OE would not connect to mail server. I wound up reinstalling XP Pro on that one to clear up another issue and OE worked fine thereafter.

Good luck.


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by house In reply to

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Rather than suggesting a reinstallation of Outlook Express, I've elected to refer the customer to other email clients. There are a few issues involved with the reinstallation of OE on XP. I'm not so confident in a telephone walkthrough.

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by house In reply to Outlook - Cannot connect ...

1) Disabled Norton's package and verified that Windows Firewall was disabled.

2) I cringe at the notion of walking someone through an OE 6 reinstall on XP over the telephone. I will however refer him to T-Bird.

* Any problems like this that I have faced personally, have resulted in me reinstalling OE. I was hoping that this was not the only option.

I will keep you posted as I am following up on the issue tomorrow.

These common resolutions have not worked in this case...

> verify all settings regarding ttl, security, fqdn's of mail servers

> disable/tweak any security software that might be causing a problem

> verify that the user is not going through a proxy (usually spyware related)

> verify MS security update regarding preview pane and virus activity

> and many more...

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by BFilmFan In reply to Outlook - Cannot connect ...

Okay finally one the old hands can beat on together.

He can browse the net, but can't ping host names out on the net? That's a DNS issue which might or might not be related to the Outlook mail issue.

I see that you said he got a public address, but is that hard-coded or DHCP server assigned?

I am wondering if you do a NSLOOKUP from your DNS server can you see his client?

You may want to have the user run a IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS and then a IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS just to make sure the issue isn't coming from from a poisoned arp table cache.

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by house In reply to

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Thanks for the input. I've tried these utilities previously. I've knocked it up as an Outlook Express issue. I'm not so concerned about his ping problems, it was just something that I noticed in verifying his connectivity to our mail server. He has been able to access his mail through Webmail... I've recommended an alternative mail client as he is not to comfortable in reinstalling OE6.

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by house In reply to Outlook - Cannot connect ...

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