Outlook: Client or Exchange Server Issue?

By Zpunky ·
We use Outlook 2003 with a hosted Exchange provider. We've been having huge connection issues and every time, the service provider points the finger at Outlook. we get a lot of email failures indicating addresses aren't valid (outside of our domain) or accounts don't exist (within our own domain and they do).

It's my understanding that only after Outlook hands-off an email to the server that Outlook then moves that piece of email to the 'Sent' box. Am I mistaken? Here's what happened. (I used Outlook Web Access to verify the users' email as seen by the Exchange server.)

*On Friday, the message showed up in the Sender's 'Sent' folder in Outlook; it appears Outlook had moved it from 'Outbox' to 'Sent'.
*It did not appear in her 'Sent folder' in OWA that day; she logged off and left about an hour after sending the email.
*On Monday, it finally appeared up in her OWA 'Sent' folder late morning.
*By mid-afternoon it still had not shown up in the recipient's 'Inbox' in OWA - or Outlook for that matter. It has never shown up.

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Sounds like Exchange issue to me

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Outlook: Client or Exchan ...

The issues you describe definitely sound like Exchange problems to me, not with the individual Outlook clients. Ask the provider to show you the message tracking logs from ESM to see where the problem occurs, if they can't do this I'd consider switching providers.

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