Outlook contacts as Access table

By Lord Foul ·
How can you link existing Outlook contacts to an Access database?

The database we are creating has a table named contacts. Instead of duplicating the contacts in Access, we would like to link the Outlook contacts to the Access database, contacts table.

Using Outlook/Access 2003.


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No answer?

by agorman In reply to Outlook contacts as Acces ...

I'm looking for the same thing. It seems like something that *should* be fairly easy to do and not terribly unusual...

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Create a linked Access table to Outlook Contacts

by ThaWiz In reply to Outlook contacts as Acces ...

Create a link to the Outlook Address book. Go to File, Get External Data, Link Tables. Change File of type to Outlook and expand Personal Folders to reveal the Contacts Folder. If you have additional Contacts folders expand the Contacts folder and select the one you want. When you hit Next it will ask what you want to name your linked table. This will create a table link and you can create a form to go along with it.

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by instib In reply to Create a linked Access ta ...

Y does it say that i dont have outlook installed on my computer?

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Yes, but...

by piergrossi In reply to Create a linked Access ta ...

The problem is once the link is made, there is no key to link the records to other tables. The table cannot be modified to add a key either. Any suggestions?

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No key in contact table

by ThaWiz In reply to Yes, but...

Yes. Though it is preferable to use a unique identifier/key you may link to another table using any field. I would use a userdefined field to hold a key and maintain it in a separate table.

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No key in contact table

by bhernandezca In reply to No key in contact table

Can you provide an example of how to setup the Access table with the primary key for the Outlook contacts?

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