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    Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export


    by scl ·

    Well I’m confused.. I?ve read thru MS?s Knowledgebase and the info is kind of vague. They talk about backing up, about exporting-importing.. But they don?t really explain the process clearly.
    I HAVE OUTLOOK 98 SETUP on a home pc which is not networked but a standalone pc running Windows 98SE.
    Outlook 98 is installed in Internet Mail Only Mode.
    I did a search for any .pab files on the pc – none were found.
    Apparently all my contacts and settings are stored in the .pst file which is located in C:\WINDOWS\APP DATA\MICROSOFT\OUTLOOK Folder. The only other files in this folder are “outcmd.dat” “offitems.log”
    After I remove Outlook 98 in Add/Remove Programs – I will install Outlook 2000 in Internet Mail Only Mode also.
    How do I backup the .pst file and then reload it into the New Outlook 2000 so I don’t lose my settings and contacts?
    Also ? is there some other file besides the .pst file I need to backup?

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      Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

      by vinnyd ·

      In reply to Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

      To backup the stuff in Outlook go to the File menu then Import and Export.

      You want to export to a file, select the Personal folder file option.

      Click on the top of the list and check the box include sub folders.

      Then you can tell Outlook what file name you want to save the stuff in. Pick a file name you can remember and make sure you put it where you can find it again. Write down the name and folder you put it in if you need too.

      Then you have saved all the stuff you have in Outlook folders.

      Once you get OL2000 installed use the Import option to Import for a Personal folder and put all the stuff right back into the folders they came from.

      You can even use the export to make a backup of you outlook stuff any time you want.

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      Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

      by brian.jones ·

      In reply to Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

      there is a much simpler way to do this —-

      create a pst using the facility in the file menu then simply click right hand mouse on the contacrs and choose copy contacts- choose the new pst and that’s it

      Good Luck

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      Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

      by scl ·

      In reply to Outlook Contacts – Back Up/Import/Export

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