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Outlook Contacts not syncing up right

By jpiper ·
Microsoft Exchange 2003 server
Outlook 2003
Blackberry Enterprise Server
User is coming in VIA VPN

User creates a new contact in his local contact list
Then turns around and types a new message
Hits the TO button
And the user is not found in the contact list

However the contact is in his blackberry

Any thoughts

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couple of things to check

by DigitalFrog In reply to Outlook Contacts not sync ...

First, some questions: Was it ever working, or is this a recent issue that just surfaced?
Do changes made in Outlook show up on the BB, or is synch broken in both directions?
Is the addressbook the only thing not synching wirelessly? Does the calendar and read/unread marks for the mail synch properly?

There can be up to a 20 minute delay for the wireless synch of calendar and addressbook items. Does the contact eventually show up in Outlook later? Do the contacts show up if you do a manual synch via the cable and Desktop Manager software?

On the BES Manager, select the user, rich click and choose properties. Select PIM Synch on the left and scroll the right pane down to the bottom. This is where you should find the settings for synching the address book/contacts from the server's point of view. It should show True, True, BiDirectional, and Server wins as the values.

On the blackberry, have the user open the address book, click for the menu and choose options. It should also say Yes for wireless synchronization there as well.

Check the contacts list on both Outlook and the BB for bad entries. I have found that BBs have a problem synching contact entries that do not have a name/title associated with the entry.

If all the settings are showing up OK, you might have a service book problem. The easiest way to clean that up is to delete the Desktop service books and rebuild them using the Desktop manager and the cable.

NOTE: if they cannot connect to the network or do not have the Desktop Manager installed, do not do these steps as wirelssly you would need to reactivate.

With the user VPN'd into your network do the following:
-BB should not be connected to PC yet
-On BB, Select Options/Advanced Options/Service Books
-Click on each of the entries marked as Desktop [***] (***=a service name) and delete them. Do not delete the other service book entries.
-When done, connect the BB to the PC and run the Desktop Manager software
-When it connects, it may ask you to generate a new encryption key by moving the mouse. If it doesn't ask, do it manually through the Email Settings icon(Redirector on older versions) and the security tab. Remember to switch key generation back to automatic when done.
The process of generating the key also triggers the puch of a new set of service books to the device.
-Once the icon screen reappears on the BB, you can disconnect and try synching contacts again.

Hope this helps

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No desktop manager software

by jpiper In reply to couple of things to check

We are running the enterprise version of Blackberry - Thus the user does not connect his BB via a cable to his desktop

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Desktop Software

by DigitalFrog In reply to No desktop manager softwa ...

We are also BES based, but I make it a standard to install the Desktop Manager software anyway. It makes for much faster installs, and is invaluable for troubleshooting. I highly recommend you install it, it has settings during configuration for working in BES environments so I believe that RIM intended for it to be there as well. Wireless activations are handy for people in the field, but the DM is a must have for dealing with handheld software issues.
If you are running one of the older BlackBerrys (with trackwheel not trackball) you can get away for now with downloading the older version of the DM software from RIM. It is much smaller and installs faster since it doesn't have the Roxio Media Manager built into it.

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