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Outlook crashes when Itunes 10 is installed

By dataweb ·
When Apple updated Itunes to
version 10 it caused an problem
with Outlook 2000. The fix is to
uninstall AppleMobile Device.

I am getting tired of constant
nag-updates from Apple they
should make less but more mportant
updates instead.

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Shoot the Genius

by robo_dev In reply to Outlook crashes when Itun ...

If Apple is trying to convince me to buy a Mac by showing me how well their software works, they're failing miserably at that.

iTunes is the most bloated app, and they add features like the new Genius crapola....puleeze Apple, I have enough features already that don't work properly.

I don't want Bonjour, I don't want Safari, I don't care about Quicktime, I don't need support for every music player Apple ever made. iTunes is 75MB of bloatware, and yet I still end up with five copies of the same song on my iPhone.

Just make my iTunes library work, and not randomly lose things that I want, duplicate what I don't want, or randomly decide to take items off my iPhone.

Why, for example, did they put the controls for synching AudioBooks on the BOTTOM of the tab for synching Books?

So yesterday all my AudioBooks simply disappeared from my iPhone, then it took ten minutes to find where they hid the checkbox for that.

And last week, the PDFs I had in iBooks just decided that they no longer wanted to be on my phone.

At this point I think I need to hire a DBA just to manage my iTunes libraries.

And don't get me started about the new multi-tasking non-feature on the iPhone. This is why it now takes like five seconds for the camera to launch, then I get to close the last 50 apps I ran, one at a time, because they are allegedly 'minimized', yet they really are not.

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RE; Shoot the Genius

by dataweb In reply to Shoot the Genius

I agree with what you said about Bonjour, Safari and Quicktime. When they added Bonjour in which is a network utility, for me just they add another security issue of having network utility running in the background. At our business some of the employees use Itunes at their workstations, so you have multiple instances of Bonjour on your network bogging down performance and who knows what else. I have to be sure to check the computers for new installs of Itunes and uninstall Bonjour and Safari.

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Have you checked for compatibility?

I don't know, only Outlook I have is 2002, and I think my oldest son installed iTunes 7...I just say no when the update is offered.

If no compatibility issues are present, might try Ed Bott's guide to installing a trimmed down version of iTunes, minus Bonjour, CD/DVD burner, etc. by following his post at ZDNet.

Good luck!

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