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    Outlook Custom Form Format


    by kspugh ·

    I created a custom form using the Outlook email form and added custom fields. When printing, it sorts the fields in alpha order, not as I have them listed. I would also like some help in getting a sum formula in one of the cells. Thank you in advance!

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      Outlook Custom Form Format

      by j.wallace ·

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      I’m using Outlook 2000 and what worked for me was redoing the form (oh what fun) with numbers at the front of custom field names. 10-FullName, 20-Address1, 30-Address2, etc.

      For the sum formula, what just worked for me was:

      CInt ( [field_1] ) + CInt ( [field_2] )

      CInt( expr ) and similar conversion functions are here:

      field > Properties > Value > Initial Value > Edit > Function > Conversion

      Hoping this helps,

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      Outlook Custom Form Format

      by kspugh ·

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