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    Outlook data file size


    by jody ·

    I don’t understand why my outlook .pst file is so large. It was 220 MB, I deleted hundreds of old e-mails from all folders (inbox, sent, drafts) and compacted the file to 130 MB

    BUT when I export all my outlook e-mail, contact, tasks and calender to excel files the total data is 500 KB, add to this all the e-mail attachments and the total is less than 5 MB – so how on earth does Outlook end up with a 130 MB file size???

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      Reply To: Outlook data file size

      by gigelul ·

      In reply to Outlook data file size

      – First of all 130MB it is not so large. I our network it is usually to see 300, 500MB or more.
      – pst file is the sum of all “folders” you can see in Outlook.
      – from my experience I saw, that after you delete something, the size of the “pst” file will be changed in few hours (days) if you’ll keep running Outlook.
      – and sometimes the “pst” file “don’t want” to change its size (Outlook feature!). If you are worry about that, you can export all you need to other file/s, delete the old “pst” file, reconfigure Outlook and import the saved data.

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      Reply To: Outlook data file size

      by scranfield ·

      In reply to Outlook data file size

      If you get properties on your pst file, and select the folder size button. This will calculate the data within the file and its location. Check this against what you are archiving. Alternativily try creating a new pst file and exporting all your data to that file. You should see the file representing the correct amount of data.

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      Reply To: Outlook data file size

      by anikmankar ·

      In reply to Outlook data file size

      your emails may be having attachments which are increasing the file size. Go to inbox – sort by size …

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      Re: Compact .pst file

      by marble5rjb ·

      In reply to Outlook data file size

      Go to properties for your Personal Folder > Advanced > Compact Now.

      Or, click File > Data File Management > Settings > Compact Now

      You need to worry when your .pst file gets above 1.82 gigs. I currently have a guy with outlook.pst at 1.66 gigs and archive.pst at 1.952 gigs. This begins to make me a little nervous. If you get to this kind of size, then make some new .pst files, and sort your mail by year into new .pst files. You can still view all .pst files in Outlook at the same time. Unless you got Office 2003, then your file size limit may be 18-20 gigs (depending on file type), in which case you really shouldn’t have a problem.

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