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Outlook Database Gone????

By NeedMSOutLookBack ·
Could use some help here. Have Outlook 2003. A couple days ago I decided to set up my sbcglobal account to run through Outlook. This was successfully completed by setting up a new email account with the appopriate POP3 and SMTP.

Previously this had been set up to sync up with my server at work. Since I am no longer at that employer I wanted to be able to still send/recieve emails through Outlook.

Somehow in the process, I selected a button that said remove. I believe this was to my original outlook settings to the server. I can no longer pull up my contacts, calendar, or emails.

My last backup was about 6mo ago so I am hoping that the most recent info has not been lost.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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new member

by NeedMSOutLookBack In reply to Outlook Database Gone????

Apology for posting here. Know now that there is a tech q&a forum. Any help still appreciated.

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That should be okay

by stress junkie In reply to new member

When I first started here I didn't even understand what the TQ&A was for quite a while. I thought it was a site FAQ until someone told me otherwise.

I don't know about your Outlook problem though.

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It still may be there

by jeffersnet In reply to That should be okay

look on your computer for your personal address book from your old settings, most likely it is still there but not linked to your Outlook

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Personal Address Folders???

by NeedMSOutLookBack In reply to It still may be there

I tried looking in the Outlook folder and the the pst file there is dated for today. I opened using Outlook and it jut pulled up the current file.

Strange thing is, when I was in the email account set up, I never "deleted" anything. Unless my removing an account, that is actually deleting it.

After this happened I deleted about 2,000 files in my offline folder. Is it possible that the exchange server could have had saved in those offline files.

I called the IT guy from my old employer and he said my account had already been deleted. Shouldnt it be backed up somewhere from a week or so before my exit?

Can I back my computer up to a week or so ago?

Thanks again

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by jeffersnet In reply to Personal Address Folders? ...

If you have XP you can go back to a previous date by going to All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. There is a product that works great for restoring files. You can download it and look for the files for free but to get it to restore you have to buy it. Go to and look for a program to download called Recover My Files. I think I downloaded it from I still think it may be somewhere on your computer but if your new pst file is in the same location with the same name then it overwrote your old one.

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my last word here

by jeffersnet In reply to maybe

If and only if you were set up so that everything was saved to your home computer then the steps I listed can work. If you used something like imap settings where everything is on the server then it is up to the company and they can do whatever they want with your old mail including removing, sharing or whatever.

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Personal Address Folders???

by gkrew In reply to Personal Address Folders? ...

why should your old employer keep your email for a week before you exit? There is no law that says an Exchange Administrator must do that for employees.

also Backing up your computer will not help in restoring lost files.

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