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    Outlook Delegates


    by pfaun ·

    Can you have a delegate send an e-mail on behalf of another person with out the from field saying from: “delegates name on behalf of persons name”. Is there a way to have it just say the persons name without the delegates?

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      Outlook Delegates

      by beldin32 ·

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      Bluntly, without seriously messing with your exchange system, no.

      The easiest way is to have the second person have administrative rights to the other persons, mailbox, and create 2 Profiles on their client machine in Outlook.

      If the want to send as one person the choose that profile when starting Outlook.

      Look in Control Panel, Mail, Profiles and add the other user name, and then go into Outlook and make sure the choose profile when starting option is enabled.

      Microsoft specifically prevent the removal of the Delegates name from e-mails sent out.

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      Outlook Delegates

      by waifoon ·

      In reply to Outlook Delegates

      Another way to go round it is to use Outlook Express. When the user is composing new mail, from the FROM field, he can choose which email account he wants to send from.

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