Outlook E-mails Disappearing

By It_Inserts_The_Username_Here ·
I have a user who works remotely, and is having this problem: When moving messages from Junk Mail to Inbox, the message disappears. I have checked and there are no Outlook rules setup on this persons account, and have searched the mail account for the "missing" messages to verify they are not being deleted or moved to another folder. Because this person is remote, I have not been able to re-create the mail profile on the machine or re-install Outlook. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Also, is there a way to create a message that Outlook will see as "Junk" so that way I can test this and verify this is the case? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Black-list sender?

by TobiF In reply to Outlook E-mails Disappear ...

Can't you just black-list a sender's address in order to get mail into the junk?

(That address filter won't catch many real spam messages, but at least for this purpose it might be useful.)

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by It_Inserts_The_Username_Here In reply to Black-list sender?

I blacklisted my personal e-mail, and when sending a message, it did go to junk mail. I used another machine with the users mailbox to transfer it from junk to inbox. The message stayed in tact in the inbox.

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by NexS In reply to Outlook E-mails Disappear ...

So does this person use OWA or a client application to connect to the mail server?

Also, can you load the mail profile into your own windows profile to see if moving the mail does the same thing for you?

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by It_Inserts_The_Username_Here In reply to ok

The user uses the Outlook client to connect to the mail server.

I did post this on Tobif's comment, but this problem did not occur for me when trying it on another machine with the users account.

I am going to try removing the profile, and if that doesn't work, re-installing Outlook and re-adding the profile. I will update on my progress. Thanks for the input.

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