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    Outlook Email Filters


    by charlesmurphy ·

    I have tryed in every conceivable way to make this feature work.
    For instance is I create a rule to send career advise at techrepublic to the delete folder. Then the very next day I get an email from the same folks I sent to the delete folder. This feature does not only not work in outlook, but outlook express also.

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      server vs desktop

      by mgs ·

      In reply to Outlook Email Filters

      server rules will override desktop rules if you are on a network, coulc this be the problem?

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      1 other note

      by mgs ·

      In reply to Outlook Email Filters

      you must have the email selected in your inbox in order to apply a rule to it. Simply typing in the domain name will not work. By default the email you have selected will have the rule applied to it. I use it all the time with no problems.

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        Simplest Way of Filtering

        by sairajesh ·

        In reply to 1 other note

        I think i know a simple way to filter messages in Outlook Express. Double clik on the message u want to creat a filter on and open it. Now clik on Message in the Top Menu and then clik on Create Rule From Message. Simply check on the option that you want, thereafter.

        happy filtering.
        sai rajesh

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