Outlook email using Verizon DSL problem sending email

By rframe0 ·
I have gone through settup for email on Microsoft Outlook 2000 to use it for email on Verizon DSL and I am having no problems receiving emails on the account. I am unable to send emails on the account. The system is running Windows XP Pro. I have set the email up several times with the same result. Does anybody have any ideas on why I can receive emails but cannot send emails?

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Verizon can help.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook email using Veriz ...

Verizon, your ISP, is probably the one to contact. Your SMTP settings must match how they want the account to be set up, or they won't allow you to use their server to send email. We can't tell you what those settings should be.

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Thanks for the reply, I did contact Verizon and they had no answer

by rframe0 In reply to Verizon can help.....

Thanks, ThumbsUp2.

Unfortunately,, Verizon was unable to tell me what the problem is. They gave me settings to send and receive emails.

I will contact them again and see if I get a differen tech this time.

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Get tough with them.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks for the reply, I d ...

Verizon has VERY bad customer service and technical support. You need to get tough with them, refuse to pay for services you have not yet received and threaten to terminate your account if need be. After all, it's their service. Nobody can provide the information except them. IF they can't provide the correct settings to access that service, you shouldn't be required to pay for it. And, if they insist that the only way to connec to their service is by running their CD, tell them to go fly a kite. It has already failed to work.

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25 port problem

by bugbrown In reply to Outlook email using Veriz ...

The way I understand it is that Verizon is trying to decrease spam and has reconfigured things to eliminate the use of the 25 port for outgoing messages. There is a way to change to the 587 port, but it has not solved the problem for me. The only solutions that I am aware of are to use a email address, to upgrade to a high speed internet service with static IP addressing or to use web-based email. I have not decided which I will use. It is a major pain in the butt.Go to Verizon's website and enter port 587 in the search function and it will bring you to the info on how to change from port 25 to port 587. I hope it works for you.

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changed to 587

by sophiesnowangel In reply to 25 port problem

After reading your post I called Verizon with this problem that cropped up this morning. I changed my personal/consulting email account to 587 and it worked; the other my work email, did not. I will need to call tech support at work tomorrow. This literally happened overnight.

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