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    Outlook error


    by nd_it ·

    I have a user that when they try to print a message in outlook, it comes up with “microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close”. It shuts down outlook completely and restarts it again. They can print anything else using another office program, except outlook. I have unistalled office completely and reinstalled it, also downloaded the latest updates for outlook, still to no avail. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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      Sounds Weird, but Check the Rules

      by sheilau ·

      In reply to Outlook error

      I had a user w/the exact same problem, and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. It was only after she mentioned that she was also experiencing issues in adding new rules that I found the answer – she had 14 partially completed rules. Once we cleaned them up and rebooted, she printed from outlook successfully. Don’t know if that will help you or not, but give it a shot.

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        Thanks a bunch

        by nd_it ·

        In reply to Sounds Weird, but Check the Rules

        That seemed to work. I went in and removed the rules they had set (which was only one), now it seems to be working normally again.


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      Still Doesn’t work

      by nd_it ·

      In reply to Outlook error

      Well, I take that last comment back, it still doesn’t work. I removed all the rules associated witht the inbox. It seems to happen randomly now, before it would happen all the time.

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        Can’t print

        by janna.olsen ·

        In reply to Still Doesn’t work

        Look in the Application Data, Microsoft, Outlook folder, and delete any files with prn. extensions. I had probs with this here. Hope it helps.

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