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Outlook error message

By raycuss ·
Running XP Pro, Office 2003 on a Dell 8400. When opening OUTLOOK I get error message "c:\program files\uniblue\winbackup 2.00\file\redemption.dll" Was using trial of Winbackup 2.00, when offered free program Winbackup 1.86 when buying something else. I uninstalled 2.00 and installed 1.86 (does everything I want). Since then have been getting aboce message. Would be very grateful for guidance on how to reglarise this position.

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by VinceG In reply to Outlook error message

From what I can gather from your question, it appears that the program you installed integrated into Outlook. If that's so, most likely there is a reference to it in the COM Add-ins.

Try this: Open Outlook, navigate to:
Tools > Options > and click the "Advanced Options" tab.

On this tab are two buttons: "COM Add-Ins" and "Add-In Manager".

Look first in the "COM Add-Ins" to see if there's a reference to your WinBackup program. If so, remove it, close the windows, exit Outlook & restart it, and see if your error message goes away. If not, go to the same Option, look in the Add-In Manager, and if there's a reference to that program, uncheck the box, close, quit and restart Outlook, and see if all is OK.

My experience in the past has been that some programs that integrate into Outlook as add-in options, don't remove themselves completely when you uninstall the program.

Hope this helps.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outlook error message

OK the requested DLL is in your Win Backup program. What you need to do is stop it running and uninstall it then run a registry cleaner over the system and I would then reboot and then open outlook and follow the above advice just to make sure that there are no hooks left in Outlook. Once you have that setup correctly you can then install the earlier version of the product and it may work if all of the newer version has been removed but from previous experience those Trial Versions leave Hooks in Windows and particularly in the Registry so you can not uninstall it and then reinstall it and use it for the trial period again.

If you have a Restore Point before you installed the Trial version that may be helpful to run as well but I honestly wouldn't be holding my breath waiting mostly it's faster and cheaper to buy the new product as this works with the Hooks left by the Trial version.

If you can not totally remove the Trial Version you may need to do a reinstall of the entire system to get rid of the remains of the Trial Version. If that's the case when you do a reinstall you can use the older version without a problem.


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by raycuss In reply to Outlook error message

Sincerest Thanks to VinceG. His advice worked perfectly.


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