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By john.cb1 ·
When I am using Outlook Express I have to maximise my emails so that I can either read them or write in them.

Is there a way where it can open to full page without having to maximise it

I have a lot of pictures on my harddrive what is the best software that lets me put them into Photo Albums ans with each picture put a description of it

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by jonno112 In reply to Outlook Express

What you have to do is expand the page to it,s full size by grabbing the corners and dragging them to each corner, then close the window and open it again your page should open fully now.

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by john.cb1 In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outlook Express

For storing Photos in an album there is a Free Program called JAlbum which might be what you are looking for. I know a few people who are using it and they seem to like it a Goggle Search should locate the Download site as I've never actually used it personally.

As for E-Mails there are several options available to you the most commonly used one is to do away with the incoming E-mail text totally and only have the headers readable so when you click on the individual E-Mail it opens to a window that you can adjust to a bigger size if necessary. To delete the Text section of Outlook Express completely all you need do is open Outlook left click on View the Layout and un-tick Preview Pane. To make the windows bigger for both incoming and outgoing E-Mail all you need do is place the mouse pointer over one edge till the pointed changes to two arrows pointing in opposite directions hold down the left mouse button and drag it till it is either big enough for you to read or you reach the edge of the screen. You can repeat this on the other sides till it is big enough for you to read.

If you are unable to read it easily when it is taking up the entire screen the only option left to you is to lower the resolution of the screen and you do this by right clicking on a unused area of the Desktop scrolling down to Properties and then Settings, there is a slider there where you can lower the resolution of the monitor down but this will affect everything that you see on the monitor.


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by john.cb1 In reply to

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