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Outlook Express 5 - POP & SMTP?

By PMEScomptech ·
I am connected to a state network
that has it's own email system.
When I set up my account in Outlook
Ex. 5, what do I need to place in the
SMTP Server? Would that be based
on where my email account is (ex.
TechRepublic) or is that based on
the network to which my computer is
physically connected.

Also, if I was setting up Outlook so
that I could send mail to the author of
a TR article - which is where I was
going when this all started - What is
the correct url for the POP Server (ex.

Please help!!!

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POP Settings

by clearsmashdrop In reply to Outlook Express 5 - POP & ...

Your POP settings have to come from your email administrators.

Do you know for sure that your email is available on POP ? At my last company is wasnt.

Sometimes outbound/inbound POP servers can be the same. They are at my company. But for my personal email they are different.
One is the other is Dont remember which is which.

Anyway, you really need to ask your email admins. If its okay with them for you to even access your email on POP they will help you. Also, dont forget that a lot of times POP mail is set up to physically pull email from the server to your local machine. So if you read your email at home then go to work. You will be missing some.

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more info needed.

by DBlizzard In reply to Outlook Express 5 - POP & ...

Are you trying to set up your State email account? If so ask your MIS dept. If you are trying to set up your personal email, and you have permission, use your pop mail server setting from home (your ISP mail server). For smtp you can usually use your local network SMTP server for outgoing. Your ISP server would probably reject the mail if you try to use there SMTP server from an outside network. In most cases you would get a "this server does not relay" message.

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more info hopefully

by PMEScomptech In reply to more info needed.

I am not trying to connect to my email with
the state. I am trying to set up my Outlook
Express so that I can check all my email
addresses except aol through one
application. In particular, I am trying to set
this up to check my email that I have
through techrepublic ( and
so that I can send email when I click on
someone's address on their web page
because outlook express opens
automatically. So, what I need to know is
what goes into the box for POP Server for
my techrepublic account (@trdesk). I
hope that is a little clearer. I have figured
out what goes into the SMTP box.

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