Outlook Express.

By hike_on_3 ·
The outbox won't empty. Keeps resending.The delete button won't work. cannot delete at all. Cannot uninstall from the control panel either. Love my outlook express and get 200 to 300 emails a day. Outlook doesn't cut it....

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Part of IE6

by TheChas In reply to Outlook Express.

The last installation for OE was bundled with IE6. IE7 does not install OE.

Your option to fix what you have is to uninstall any newer version of IE then do a repair install of IE6 SP2.

Before doing anything, make sure to backup your .dbx files. These are normally in the Documents and Settings folder for your user name.

You can also try deleting the Outbox and Send Items .dbx files with OE closed and allow them to be rebuilt when you open OE.

As far as options going forward, you can switch (upgrade?) to Windows Live Mail. This is basically the Vista version of OE.

Or, you can give Mozilla Thunderbird a try.


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Problem solved...

by hike_on_3 In reply to Part of IE6

Seemed like I had too much in the files. Deleted and sure enough when I went back to it, everything was normal. I did download Thunderbird, but haven't installed it yet.Can it put music in the email as background like OE? and can it download multiple attachments all togethar keeping their idividual file names all at the same time? Thanks. If I get no reply, I might start a new thread to ask again....

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by TheChas In reply to Problem solved...

I have not tried to add music to emails in Thunderbird or OE.

Yes, you can download attachments and keep their original file names.

So far, I do not know of anything that OE can do that Thunderbird cannot do. With the exception of downloading mail from a Hotmail account. That you can only do with a Microsoft product.

Even if you run into something that Thunderbird cannot do, or does not work the way you want it to, odds are that there is an extension you can install that will add the functionality you want.


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