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    outlook express 6


    by koko122333 ·

    can i download the outlook exp. 6 and install it on w98 machine?
    do i have to do upgrade or i download it and then do the install?
    i prefare to donload it and burn it onto cdr. it be easier to install on machines with slow internet.
    also appreciate if you specify the download location
    thank you in advance.

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      by jschein ·

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      Outlook express is free… It is part of the package deal when installing the latest internet explorer.

      Download latest I.E. 6 from (not from the updates page) and you can burn it to a cd for remote installs or whatever.

      Good luck.

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      by drb63 ·

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      Visit the following for your answer:

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      by thechas ·

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      Using the IEsetup program that you download from Microsoft, you can choose custom, and only install OE6.

      You CANNOT download OE separately.

      From the advanced options on the custom installation screen (on a W98 PC only) you can download the full installer for IE 6 and OE 6 and save the files to burn onto a CD.

      If you cannot get an updated driver for your video card, (one that supports DirectX 8 or 9) IE and OE 6 can give you problems.

      I no longer install IE6 on ANY W98 PCs as I have had far too many problems with IE6 on W98 systems.

      You can get the full version of IE 5.5 SP2 from the browser archive at

      If all you are looking for is a newer e-mail client, I recommend that you take a look at Thunderbird from
      Version 0.4 is less than 8MB.

      Thunderbird is the e-mail client from the Mozilla web browser and is similar to what you would get if you installed Netscape.


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      by koko122333 ·

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