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Outlook Express 6 SP1 froze on downloading on Windows 2000

By tr ·
My Outlook Express 6 SP1 (and actually my original OE 6) just recently (in the past 3 weeks) starting to exhibit strange behavior that I haven't seen before. The pop downloading window refuse to take user command while downloading pop.

Usually I intermittenly issue a "Stop" command during download of large number of pop mails so if it crashes, I don't have to re-download all the emails all over again. (my internet connection is not reliable) The download screen
would then respond that I have to wait till the
current download is finish, and then it closes
itself once that is done.

Up until mid february, this still works, and I
still use OE 6 on my Windows 2000 Professional. Then it stops working. The download screen
"Stop" button no longer respond to my clicking.
In fact the only button that still work is the
"X" button and windows stated that this process
is not responding, do I want to close it anyway.

Note that the rest of OE 6 windows works normally. I can still read all emails during the download.

Thinking its a virus (despite my LAN firewall, my Norman Antivirus) I reinstall my entire Windows 2000. No effect. (note that my OE 6 on Windows 98 partition works just fine)

I then upgrade to OE 6 SP1. and on the first day,
it works like it supposed to. Then the next day,
the problem reappear.

My Network Admin can't tell me anything, and neither can the company that managed my antivirus.

Anyone can tell me what happens?

Thanks in advance,


Some technical info:
I download email using Pop proxy through a
wingate proxy in my corporate lan. My email
is held by an ISP that uses a virus checker on all incoming mails.

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More diagnostic questions to ask yourself

by Pipe Guy In reply to Outlook Express 6 SP1 fro ...

1) Assuming you've done a current "internet update on Norman and you are running ver 5.6 with the "sandbox" internet protection box checked, have you done the "scan hard disk"? Right mouse on the white and green N and "scan hard disks".
If your machine still appears clean then you have a few diagnostic questions to ask.
2) Is your internet connection compromised? For example, are you running a "file sharing client" that may interfere with your system.

3) When you run "ipconfig" from a dos command line, do you consistenty get your dhcp server and default gateway. Even after you do an "ipconfig /release" and an "ipconfig /renew" command?
If not you may have to uninstall and reinstall the TCP/IP protocal. A reinstall of win2k won't necessarily clean up the tcp/ip stack unless you repartitioned the drive and did a "clean" install.

(More on the TCP/IP protocol--in XP you can reset the TCP/IP Stack with a reset command) But in 2000 you have to uninstall it and reinstall it.)

If you don't have a virus or some sort of "malware", and your TCP/IP stack isn't corrupted. Then you may have to do an "inbox repair" on the Outlook.pst file. I've only done this once or twice and I can't remember the steps. But the MS knowledgebase has a lot of info on this.

Some other diagnostics should be done. Does your device manager show any question marks?
Is your router running the most recent firmware? You may have to update to a more recent "firmware". The manufacture can point you to the instructions for this.. but it essentially is just downloading the firmware and running the utility that installs it. 2 minutes later your router should be up and running again.
Some routers have been "affected" by some of the recent viruses... especially the "spoofing" type. They get overloaded and shut down intermittently. If you are downloading when this occurs your email messages could be getting corrupted. (just a guess)
But basically if all of the above doesn't help you find the problem... you're basically going to have to "backup the files you want" and repartian the drive. You're statement about having no problem with the win98 part of the computer is a bit baffling, because unless you really need the win98 program... you would be a lot better reformating the drive NTFS and installing win2k on the whole drive. I've run a few computers the way you have described and not one of them was as fast with both OS as they were after running only win2k. And I managed to live without some of the win98 features.

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Quick Reply

by tr In reply to More diagnostic questions ...

Just a quick reply while I try out some of your suggestions. (Thanks for the reply, btw)

I am pretty sure we have the latest Norman, as our antivirus provider is the local sole Norman distributor (and a shareholder of my company, and share the same LAN as ours) but I havent figure out where to look for the version. I am currently scanning my harddrive as you suggested, though.

Re: file sharing client, I have to ask my admin guy.

Re: ipconfig. our IP is statically allocated. but running the ipconfig, I noticed that I havent set the gateway. However, my computer is connected through the internet via Http and smtp/pop proxy, so all it needs to know is the IP of the proxy. My computer is not routed to the outside.

Re: Inbox repair. I'll go and find out what to do about that. I don't know how it affect only the download, though, because I can read my email during downloading process just fine. Btw I am using Outlook Express, not Outlook, though I am severely thinking of upgrading...

My Device Manager shows all devices in perfect running order. No question marks.

Our internet proxy is a PC running Wingate attached to a cable modem router. By "Router" you mean the cable modem router?

Re: my windows 98. I partition my harddrive to a win98 and a win2k partition (plus a data partition). When I reinstall, i basically reformat my win2k partition and reinstall clean. I have disk images of the previous installation, but I usually end up reinstalling everything. Its faster and I like to arrange my applications in just the right order. So win2k has the whole drive in NTFS just for itself. I use the win98 partition to install and run games. :) in order not to corrupt/clutter my "work-day" os.

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