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By rwbyshe ·
Ok, I need a little help here.

Somehow my primary email address got compromised and now I'm getting spam from several repetitive sources. So far I haven't figured out how to use a wild card in the "Blocked Senders List" that shows up under Tools > Message Rules.

Here's one of the culprits:
Here's another:

What happens is everything after the @ changes with every email. I've tried adding the following to the blocked senders list to no avail: inf@* and contact@*

It does nothing within this version of Outlook Express. Each email address of origin has to blocked separately. I was wondering if any of you had found any way that a wild card can be used to block all email coming from a single source.

And yes I'm still using XP and Outlook Express 6 for my email I simply hate Outlook that is in Win 7 and simply don't want to go there.

Thanks for any help you can give...

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OE6 isn't capable of such things.

by seanferd In reply to Outlook Express 6

So, you aren't going to do that with OE. If the <i>subjects</i> or <i>message bodies</i> contain particular words in common, you can use the filtering rules to delete or move to another folder messages containing these.

Or, you could try a different email client with better filtering configurability and an ability to learn what you think is spam (as you mark messages as spam, the client takes notice). Thunderbird is probably similar to the mail client in the SeaMonkey browser in this regard.

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Reponse To Answer

by rwbyshe In reply to OE6 isn't capable of such ...

I kind of figured that but sometimes somebody will have one little trick that will do the job so, I had to at least ask. I'll probably just have to give in and start using Win 7 and Outlook as much as I dislike the Outlook interface.

Thanks for the help!!!

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