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I am haveing an issue regarding deleting my email msgs. . . . I can occasionally delete one message and once it is in the deleted folder I can completely trash it.

The problem is deleteing from the inbox. I performed the compress files function more than once and still no luck!

The problem seems to only be on this computer as I can delte from other computers. I leave my mesages on the email server so I can look from more than one location. This is my main computer though and it is terribly annoying to have thousands of messages accumulate.

I have run antiviral & spyware programs and the computer on the whole is running pretty well.

I run Windows XP pro. Please help(:


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If you're leaving them on the server....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6.0

You can delete till you're blue in the face. They'll come back again each time OE does a Send/Receive (checks the mail). And, chances are, your server is VERY close to being full.

If you want the ability to check your mail from any computer you're on, using your ISP's email account isn't what you need. Get one of the free web based email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, etc...) and access THAT email account by using a web browser. I'm not sure about the rest, but Yahoo Mail can be configured to retrieve the mail from your ISP and keep it in the Yahoo mail account instead, where you can access it from any computer.

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