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    Outlook Express


    by rwalsh2 ·

    I am getting a error message with outlook-“An unknown error has occured.Server Response.550.File attachment type not allowed com bat or ink.Port 25.Secure[SSL].No Server Error 550.Number 0x800CCC69.” How do i remove this message?

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      Outlook Express

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Outlook Express

      This error is usually generated by the recipients server when the message contains blocked information or if their server is relaying mail.
      Many companies will blacklist mail from these servers until the relay is turned off.
      Check at the other end.

      Also, if your domain name doesn’t match the senders domain in the address, it will be seen as a relay and blocked by the recipient.

      SO….have th erecipient check th eOutlook Support base for information on stopping Open Relay and also checkthat your domain is matches your email addy.

      Good luck

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