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    outlook express messages


    by enquiries ·

    I have a laptop running XP Pro and Office XP. I have setup a BT Connect dial up internet connection and email account using Express. All works fine.I then connected it to our work LAN,which has shared internet connectivity via a router,which went ok. When I opened Express whilst connected via the LAN the inbox was different and didn’t show any of the emails that had been present whilst using as a stand alone.I then asked an external user to send me an email which arrived ok. I then logged off of the LAN and went stand alone and dial-in using the modem. As before, the mailbox was back to the original, minus the external email that had just been received whilst logged onto the LAN. Any ideas anyone?

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      by rindi1 ·

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      It looks like you are using a different profile while you are on the LAN than when your at home. The users settings like email settings etc are stored separately in each profile, so you have two different mailboxes. In most Email Client programs, like outlook express, you can setup your email account to keep your email on the server, that you will see all emails in every user profile where your email account is setup the same.

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      I suggest moving the DBX files to a another location on Hard Disk e.g. C:\Email via OE, Tools, Options, Maintenance, Store Folder.
      Then import the mail from the other set of DBX files from the other profile into C:\Email set. Then make sure both profiles point to same location so that no matter what network you are on you can see all mail.

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