Outlook Express on Win98 vs WinXP

By cruffin ·
I have installed Win98 and WinXP in a dual boot config on a HP laptop (98 1st, XP much later). My Outlook Express corporate account works fine under 98, but under XP returns an invalid password error. I have un/re-installed OE several times to assure correct username/password, to no avail. Does XP perform some encryption algorithm to the password? Is there some other funkiness I'm overlooking?

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Possible Situation

by gsquared In reply to Outlook Express on Win98 ...

Check the account settings and make sure they match what your server is looking for. For example, some outbound servers require a password, some don't. Outlook Express needs to know whether or not to provide one. That's a setting in the account settings.

Another possibility is that it's not saving the password. Again, that's in account settings.

Beyond that, or even before messing around with that, I'd check with whoever maintains your e-mail server (unless that's you) and see what the settings should be.

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