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Outlook Express problem

By dilumd ·
Hi all,

I use windows xp as my OS. When i load my outlook express sent items box, suddenly all the sent items are disappeared. At first i thought all the sent items were deleted accidentally. When i was checking my deleted items folder, there were no any deleted sent items.

Then i thought sent items.dbx is deleted. When i access the path, sent items.dbx is there and other folders also there.

Then i tried import method in outlook express, but it won't allow to import messages.

Is my sent items folder damaged???

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Could be but most likely you have an infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook Express problem

Windows of any kind is insecure at the best of times and terrible at the worst. You always need AV and Spy Ware products running on your System to prevent Data Loss through infection.

So update your AV Product and if you don't have one download AVG Free from here

While you are on Line download Adaware 2007 free

And Spy Bot S&amp from here

Install these and update them then reboot in Safe Mode without networking and scan the system with all the listed products. Of course if you have a working AV Product use that after making sure that it is updated.

Scan the system first with the AV product and clean it up and then rescan to make sure that the system is clear. If it still shows an infection post back with the Description.

Then after the system is Cleared by the AV Product scan it with Adaware & Spy Bot using each till the system is either Clean or you are unable to remove the files that come up. With Spy Bot it can pickup some M$ Files and report them as Problem Files so look at what is shown and if you are using some file remove the tick from the box beside it so it is not deleted.

When the system comes up as clean try Importing your Deleted Items DBX File again but this needs to be imported from a different place to the Storage Position as that is where Outlook is accessing it. If the folder is still empty the contents may be lost or your existing AV Product could have been compromised by a Infection and disabled.


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How Big is the Sent items?

by bincarnato In reply to Outlook Express problem

Outlook Express has a limit of 2GB per folder. If it is greater than 2GB, then messages won't appear. If this is the case and you NEED your sent items, have to get a third-party tool to extract the messages. I've used the Outlook Express repair tool from but there are many out there.

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