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    Outlook Express Strange Behavior


    by telephonics ·

    I us XP Home SP3 and IE 8.0. When I compose an e-mail and then send it, the message moves to my outbox. To get it to leave its warm home on my PC I have to shut down.As the shut down process starts a window opens and shows any messages in the outbox being transmitted. Is there a way to fix??

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      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Outlook Express Strange Behavior

      You need to ensure that “send immediately”, or whatever the option is called, is selected. I don’t recall all the option names, but “send later” and “send on exit” come to mind.

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        Probably exercises

        by santeewelding ·

        In reply to Settings.

        No discipline with respect to, “Shift-Delete”, as well.

        Probably needs to keep everything to know how it is that he is.

        Fluck the Send up, and he is screwed.

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