Outlook express / Thunderbird , VPN and outgoing mail server combination?

By markppark ·
If I use VPN like anchorfree hotspot shield or packetix... in conjunction with outlook express or thunderbird. Are there any special settings I need to apply to Outlook or Thunderbird?

What is in your oppinion the best email management programe and best free vpn, best combination?

Do I need to set my outgoing mail server to the server of the country that vpn's ip is from or the country where our computers and servers are.

Thank you.

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Depends on your setup

by DomBenson In reply to Outlook express / Thunder ...

Normally, a VPN connection will only add a route to the network on which it is assigned an IP, or optionally send all traffic over the VPN tunnel (although more sophisticated client-server solutions may negotiate a list of available networks), so you might need to either:
a) Add additional routes to networks via a gateway on the VPN subnet
b) Configure your mail client to connect to the mail server on its backend/VPN IP
c) Add additional remote networks to your VPN client configuration

Outlook and Thunderbird are both fine. If you are using Exchange calendaring, then Outlook clearly makes sense. If not, then Thunderbird is more lightweight, fast and robust (it doesn't store everything in a single file, so it is less vulnerable to corruption if uncleanly closed). It really is a matter of preference.

The best VPN client to use depend on the VPN server you are using. If the integrated client will work (ie you have a PPTP server, and fairly simple requirements) then use it. If you have a VPN appliance, then use the client recommended by the vendor.

Which mail server you should configure depends on whether you want/need your outbound e-mail to go over the VPN. If you do, then you should use the mail server closest to the VPN server (see above). If not, then just go direct to your nearest mail server.

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