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Outlook Folder issues

By Vicarious ·
When the folders are opened under the user's inbox, he would like them to stay open once he closes his Outlook and reopens Outlook. Some of them are closing and it impedes on his searching capabilities.
I need to find a solution for either:
- Figure out a way that the folders will always stay in the expanded view that they were in when Outlook closed
- Or, figure out a way that when he types the first couple of letters of a folder name, Outlook can find it.

Any help on this would be appreciated.
PC is running Outlook 2003 and WinXP.

NOTE: User has at least a 1000 folders in his Outlook.

Thanks in advance.

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move them to a .pst

by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook Folder issues

Outlook should keep them open, but since it is not he can move these folders into a local .pst file and it will stay open.

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mind you

by Vicarious In reply to move them to a .pst

If you one were to expand all folders and then close outlook and open it up again, shouldn't it keep the last settings that were last applied, theoredically?

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Well, mine does

by Old Guy In reply to mind you

and I was going to say that but thought I would wait and see what someone would say. Of course, with a 1000 folders it may be over extended.

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Mine Does too

by w2ktechman In reply to mind you

But having soo many folders may very well be the cause of the issue.

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Are all these folders within the InBox?

by oldbag In reply to Outlook Folder issues

If that is the case, I would not expect Outlook to work correctly at all. I always recommend to my users that if they want to file their correspondence that they create the folders within 'Personal Folders' not Inbox. Move messages from Inbox to the desired folder and keep Inbox clear. Inbox, Sent and Deleted are all standard folders and Outlook performance can be affected if they are not kept in good shape.

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I think it is the case

by Vicarious In reply to Are all these folders wit ...

As to where he has to many folders under his inbox. Everybody seems to be coming up with the same answer. Unfortunetly for us, we don't use .pst for the simple fact that in Outlook 2003 they have a cap of two gigs without compression and we'd constantly be compressing things for him.

Thanks for everything. I shall take this to the table and see what comes out of it.

Many thanks.

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Here it is

by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook Folder issues

If the opening folder was set to the mailbox instead of the inbox, it will not open. Try this

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the Other tab, and then click Advanced Options.
Under General Settings, next to the Startup in this folder box, click Browse.
In the Select Folder dialog box, select the folder you want to appear when you start Microsoft Outlook.
Note You can use this same procedure to start Microsoft Outlook with the Journal, Notes, or any Outlook folder open.

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Two Things I Would Try

by Aakash Shah In reply to Outlook Folder issues

1. Try creating search folders for the folders he is looking for.
2. Use a desktop search tool to search for the emails (this may help with the second problem. I would recommend Copernic Desktop search.

Good luck!

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Outlook Folder Issues

by ajcanal In reply to Outlook Folder issues

All my users have the habit of saving every email they send and received as an CYA. Of course with a 2GB file size limitation this always leads to trouble. So I:
1. Create two new .pst files for each user; one called Saved Received Email and another Saved Sent Email. Users can now move email accordingly, and, after their first Outlook crash because of file size, they do it religiously.
2. For Outlook 2003 users, I show them how to use the "Shortcuts" section. Once they learn how to add and manipulate shortcuts they work more efficiently.
3. For those true power users that live and die by email, I install the Nelson Email Organizer program (NEO Pro). This is an add-on to Outlook that picks up where Microsoft left off. You can view, organize, search and display your email any which way you wish.

No, I don't work for them and I don't get anything from recommending them. Just that when I find a program that works and addresses a need, I have no problem letting people know about it. If interested check There is a free version and the paid PRO version which is well worth the cost.

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