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    Outlook Hanging During Downloading


    by donald ·


    we have a network with about 100 machines, we have 2 Win2K servers 2 NT4 servers and a Linux mail server. We run Win98 on workstations and use office 2000. My problem is that certain machines sometimes cannot download emails. It just hangs on the download. Once this starts I cannot get it to download. If you set up the account, of the person that is unable to download, on another machine, he can download his emails.

    Please help as this is starting to be a big problem.

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      by funinalaska ·

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      Have you considered that you are running conflicting operating systems? Did you download all the patches for Outlook? What operating sytem hangs up when Outlook downloads? Is office 2000 running when you try to download? Sometimes with Win98 too many applications are taking resources away and it will not download until you shut down some running applications that are not currently in use. Try that one, maybe that is the problem.
      Hope this helps, Kim

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      Reply To: Outlook Hanging During Downloading

      by devinefv ·

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      The machine hanging on Outlook most likely has too much outlook clutter. Too many files. Outlook needs to be cleaned out on that machine. Research Maintenance routines for outlook and implement them on that unit. As a last resort….Reinstall Outlook.

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