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Outlook Hangs

By m307 ·
I was trying to send a huge file using ms outook 2000. Now the file won't go and I cannot delete it from my outbox, It also causes my outlook to freeze and i have to go to task manager to be able to close outlook. I need help in deleting the email from my outbox. I've already tried the delete key and nothing is happening. Any Ideas?

Thank to everyone for your help.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook Hangs

If it is a large file, Outlook may hang, but still be in operation (even if task manager says "not responding"). On a local LAN, I have had to wait more than 5 min. to send or receive an email because of this. First, try just letting it go for a while, start it and go aay from your comp for, say lunch.
After you get back, if it is still a problem, then put Outlook offline and delete the file from the outbox, or move it somewhere else. Then put Outlook online again.
If you cant put it offline, close it out, and unplug the LAN and then open it.
If Offline is not setup, go to control panel -- mail -- profile -- and set it up.

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This MAY work, but ...

by SArmst2547 In reply to

...but there are some issues with the hang, notably that it opts for 100% of CPU, which means you probably can't get to FILE/Work Offline. And if you can't get Work Offline, you're still hung, because you can't open Outbox to delete.

Here's another solution: Set Send-Receve to manual. Close Outlook. You may have to do this from Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-DEL). Restart. Go to Outbox and delete the offending file. Then Restart a second time. Then reset Send-Receive to whatever you want.

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by hviderci In reply to Outlook Hangs

Usually, Outlook having grabbed the file, continues to try to send the file, so your access to it will be denied.
Try this:
On the status bar on the bottom of the window, click on the Send/Receive icon, and "Stop" the send/receive action. This will give you a minute before it starts to send again, and you can right click on the offending e-mail in Outbox and Delete it.

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This solution works!

by SArmst2547 In reply to

...but you have to restart after you delete the culprit file. Otherwise, Outlook will hang on something else.

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