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    “Outlook has encountered a problem” – Likely caused by Norton


    by jmz ·

    Need a little help, everything was working well until I ran live update on Norton Internet Security. Once I downloaded the latest stuff Outlook started crashing with the message in the title.

    I didn’t catch on until the next day when I updated a 2nd computer and Outlook started crashing there as well. DOOH!

    I believe that the only thing that was updated was the virus definitions and Norton Confidential. Wish I had been paying more attention.

    Outlook appears to crash as soon as it tries to send/receive from an account. All of my accounts are accessed via POP. Since this happens on invocation, it crashes right away.

    I tried replacing NIS with the latest version but no good. No, I didn’t do a remove first, maybe I should.

    I tried repairing Office. No good.

    Outlook /safe crashes as well.

    Just to be sure I went into task manager and killed just about everything. Of course Norton is protected so it won’t kill but Outlook still crashes.

    If you need an error log great but not sure where to find it so need a pointer. I am an above average hack so I know a lot but not nearly as much as most of you.

    Thanks in advance,

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      by jmz ·

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      Update – still little progress

      by jmz ·

      In reply to “Outlook has encountered a problem” – Likely caused by Norton

      A quick update in case someone can help. I just spent WAY too much time on the phone with Symantec. I removed all of the Norton/Symantec products. Outlook still crashed.

      I removed Outlook but left the rest of office. Then I re-installed Outlook. Still crashes.

      Now I am really stumped. It has to be some system file but short on ideas. Thanks in advance for any help.

      Oh yea, if I didn’t say – one system is XP Pro and the other is XP Home Media Edition.

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        Latest Update

        by jmz ·

        In reply to Update – still little progress

        I tested in diagnostics mode and safe mode. It still has the same problem. The conclusion is that either some file in the OS was corrupted OR an Office file was damaged.

        I am left with only two options:

        1) I can do a repair on the OS. I have to back out SP2 before it will run an update but it is an option.

        2) I can remove Office and reinstall. My only problem is I don’t know if that will require me to active the product again. I can do it but it is a pain because I will have to call and sit on the phone to get an authorization.

        By the way, the error log shows Outlook was a problem and references ntdll.dll. Everyting else runs perfectly so I suspect that it wasn’t ntdll.dll. If it was other applications would have similar problems.

        Anyone have any suggestions?

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