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By Mandanglo78 ·
I am faced with a bit of a dilemma, I am trying to move outlook data from one computer to another but it appears that no matter what style of export "comma separated dos values access, excel, etc.." when I import the e-mails back the date received is either blank or shows the current date. Does anyone know how to migrate outlook data and have it keep the dates?

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If you are using Internet mail...

by petrosky In reply to Outlook Help

you can export your PST file, which should include your contacts, calendar items and mail.

The dates etc. should export/import unchanged.

Hope this is some help.

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What version of Outlook?

by Synthetic In reply to Outlook Help

Version information would be helpful for a more directed and specific solution. If your using 2000, 2002, or 2003, then you can turn the entire Outlook Today, this includes the in box, sent items, contacts, calendar, drafts, etc, into a *.PST file, and then map that like a normal personal folder in your Outlook client. I am going to assume your using a non Exchange driven client, or there wouldn't be an issue? More info please.

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version info

by Mandanglo78 In reply to What version of Outlook?

it is outlook 2002 appreciate all the help thanks a bunch I have been racking my brain. thanks this helps a lot.

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Move the PST file

by Honu425 In reply to Outlook Help

If the Outlook data is actually stored on the local machine in a PST file, and all you want to do is move the data to another machine, then simply move the PST file to the new machine. This is the fastest way to get the user back working on a new machine.

Hope this helps.

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Merge PST Files

by FBudelman In reply to Move the PST file

I guess what I really need to do is to merge and synchronize two PST files; the one on the desktop and the one on the laptop. This problem of syncing two Outlooks must not be new just to me.

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Actually, there is a way to do this.....

by Honu425 In reply to Merge PST Files

But it isn't really merging of the two PST files. Leave the PST file on the laptop alone. Open the PST file directly on the desktop machine. Then set the laptop machine to synchronize (as an offline file) the desktop pst file.

You actually could do the reverse as well, but you would need to keep in mind that you could only use one copy of Outlook at a time as a PST file can only be opened by one instance of Outlook.

I actually do the same thing with my laptop. I have the offline synchronization set to synchronize whenever my laptop logs onto my network and whenever it logs off.

Hope this helps.

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by FBudelman In reply to Actually, there is a way ...

I had not thought of doing it this way. I think this will work very well for me.

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