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    Outlook hungup sending an email


    by justinp ·

    I compressed a folder of some .jpgs the other day and emailed them to several people.

    It seems however that it never sent, as it didn’t save in my sent folder, AND Outlook says it is trying to send a message when I close Outlook.

    My question is how do I stop Outlook from trying to send whatever is hanging it up?


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      by justinp ·

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      re: Outlook hung up sending

      by thumbsup2 ·

      In reply to Outlook hungup sending an email

      Is the email still in the outbox? If so, click File -> Work Offline. Then, select the email in the outbox and delete it. Once deleted, click File -> Work Offline again to turn it off (work online).

      If it’s not showing up in the outbox, there are other things you can do. But, let’s start with the simple stuff.

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