Outlook Issue

By kfrost ·
The last few days users are telling me that they are experiancing an Outlook problem. When they send an email, the email remains in the outbox even after doing a send/receive. I've tested it myself and the message will sit in the outbox upwards of 8 minutes. Now I tried sending an email to my account and the same probably occurred, but in reality I was actually receiving emails at the yahoo account but the email was still saying it was in the outbox in Outlook. I've contacted my ISP who handles our email and there is nothing wrong on their end. I was advised that it's a client side issue. My users range from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. Any help or suggestions on this would be great.


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I am seeing the same

by sarah.williams In reply to Outlook Issue

if anyone has any thoughts.. I'd appreciate it..

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I too have same problem

by sshank In reply to I am seeing the same

I will have sent out an email large or small and it will sit in my outbox then I will get a call from the individual I sent it to telling me that they have recieved it multiple times and yet I still have the email in my outbox.

Help me PLEASE....

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re: outlook sent mail stays in outbox

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook Issue

It could be several things.

(1) The number of items in your Sent Mail folder has reached its maximum. Either delete items from that folder, or archive the Sent Mail folder to decrease its size.

(2) Double check the mail account settings to make sure "send immediately" is checked.

If Sent Mail is actually too big and you need to archive it, it might be wise to archive everything and decrease the size of your PST file, just for overall health of the file.

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Read the KB from Microsoft frist

by squirrelonfire In reply to Outlook Issue

Since your describe the problem very briefly, I suggest you
to read this first, your problem might fall into one of those
categories listed by ms.

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