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Outlook Issues

By jdwoods2 ·
I installed a WIN 2003 Server and then removed netware Client from Win XP & 2000 PC's. After logging users on their account settings were reset including all of their Outlook mail and settings is there a way to retrieve them?

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by pctech In reply to Outlook Issues

Win 2K and XP creates a user profile for nearly EVERYTHING. This includes each user and how they are logged on. The users were logging on as a netware client and now they are logging on as an Win 2K3 client. The local computer now has a seperate user profile for each user and how this user is logged on. The two are seperate profiles on the local computer.
To recovere the usr information from the old profile to the new profile can be done, to some degree.
Right click on "My Computer" and go to "Properties".
Click on the "Advanced" tab and under "User Profiles".
Highlight the old profile and then click on "Copy to" and copy this profile to the new profile in the available profiles to copy to. This copies all of the profile specific files from the one profile to the other, except for the email account settings. For some reason, this is not copied even though everything else under Outlook is. To recover the email account settings you login under teh old profile and open Outlook. Within Outlook you can export the email acoount settings and save them to a folder named "Email" that you will have created prior to this. Should you have multiple users on the computer, you can name the exported file by the user profile name and then import this account information back into Outlook under the new user profile MS so kindly created for you when the user logged in to the copmuter a different way than before.

I hope this helps you.

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by pctech In reply to

OK, I didn't proof read before submitting. Please do not discount for spelling created by a poor typists. I can spell, to some degree of success.

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