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    Outlook locks up IE 6


    by dcliff141 ·

    I have a Dimension 1520 laptop running XP Home. I am running a corporate version of Office 2003 with Outlook.

    When Outlook is open in any fashion, IE6 will not open (or if open, stops) and when I check the Task Manager, it shows that IE is using about 50% of the CPU resources. This continues until I shut IE down via the End Process method or shut down Outlook. Outlook, at the same time, is using no CPU resources at all.

    When Outlook is not up and running, IE 6 runs fine for as long as I wish.

    I have a PC loaded with the same setup from the same set of CDs and IE6 works fine whether Outlook is open or not.

    Spybot has been run, no problems.

    IE6 was reloaded, no change. (All SP’s etc are up to date on both machines.)

    Office 2003 was reloaded & updated with no change, it still freezes IE6.

    Thoughts, assistance?

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      by dcliff141 ·

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      See if this helps

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Outlook locks up IE 6

      Delete all files with the extension .srs and .dat
      EG: outlook.srs outcmd.dat

      They can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

      Note: You will have to reset your Outlook settings.

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