Outlook messages stuck in outbox

By bhesner ·
I have outlook setup to wait 10 minutes before sending my emails, if i go to the outbox during that time and open and edit one of the messages and then resend it, the message will not go out after 10 minutes and will not go out even if I click send/recieve. I am using outlook 2003 and it is a cached version from the Exchange server on the laptop.

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Do they go out if you restart Outlook? (nt)

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook messages stuck in ...
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by bhesner In reply to Do they go out if you res ...

No, the only thing that works is to delete them.

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Remove email from outbox

by jbiohaz In reply to Outlook messages stuck in ...

I've had this problem before, my long way arround is this. First I make a copy of the email in my desktop, then I delete the email from the Outbox, finally I open the copied email and click send. I don't know why this works, but it's a workaround for when I have stuck emails.
I'm sure someone else knows a better way.

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Usually when I have seen issues with

by The Scummy One In reply to Outlook messages stuck in ...

the Outbox or Outlook hanging often, I disable cached exchange mode and log back in. When doing this you may notice a large amount of mail not previously seen, and something is stuck in the outbox up higher.
Clean the folder out (move it to a new folder like a .pst), re-enable cached exchange mode, and log in again.
In the instances that I have witnessed this phenomenon, it did not recur.

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I resolve

by Wizard-09 In reply to Usually when I have seen ...

This problem by disabling the network card, closing out of outlook, reopen outlook delete the out going message enable network card again.

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In addition........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I resolve

In addition, don't edit emails once they've been moved to the Outbox (the Send button has been pushed). This will only confuse Outlook and cause the 'stuck' email problem. Save them as drafts until you're sure you want to actually send them.

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