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Outlook migration

By dnelson ·
I recently got a new computer and have to migrate my outlook stuff. I have the computers on a network. Does anyone know the best way to move the contacts/e-mails in outlook to another computer?
I have to do this and would like to know the easiest way to do so.

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by stargazerr In reply to Outlook migration

Click on File -> Import and export. Follow the steps. You can export any folders, inbox, outbox, sent items, calendar and contacts to a file.

Transfer that file to the new computer and choose File->Import and export again on outlook and import all the files to corrosponding folders on the new computer.

Suggestion 2:Techrepublic has a perfectly good tech Q&A section. This question belongs there. Please post any questions to tech Q&A in the future.


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How to move email files to another PC

by fmitchell In reply to Outlook migration

Most of your email will migrate over anyway if you are on a network and your email messaging is Exchange.

So might be best to setup and configuration your new PC first and then check to see what didnot come over before import the pst file

One way to do this is to creat a folder. Name it email info for example.

Then go into Outlook, select Import/Export
Export to a file, Personal folder file (.pst)
Include subfolder, Point to the folder named "email info" (get the pst file a name you will remember)
No encrption, No password

The file size could 20-300MB and up. So you will need a CD ROM or DVD to copy this file.

After copying these file to the media of your choose then Import the data to the new PC by using Outlook Import.

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Software Solution

by cathycracks In reply to Outlook migration

There's a software called PCmover. ( It actually migrates the entire outlook over, including messages, contacts, tasks, address book and such. I have used it before and it works.

It also moves installed programs to new pc, pretty helpful.

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