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    Outlook multi profiles


    by pcamus ·

    I all

    I am trying to setting up an Outlook client with multi profile.
    I want this client access several mail boxes.
    It works fine with my NT profile, but when I try it onto the target PC and with the target user, I’ve got this message :
    “Can not open your default mail box. You hav not the sufficient right to open a session.”
    Can anybody help me ??

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      Right to access mailbox

      by janna.olsen ·

      In reply to Outlook multi profiles

      1.In outlook, the user must resolved to his own mailbox. Check Services, Exchange Server, properties and make sure the user name is underlined and the correct server is named. Also on the Advanced Tab of Services, add the additional mailboxes, EXACTLY as they appear in the address book (and on the exchange server)
      2. On the exchange server the user must be given access to the other mailboxes.
      3. Lastly, in outlook from the File menu select Exit and Logoff. then restart outlook and it should work. Good Luck

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