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Outlook on Laptop and Desktop

By Jose.moreno ·
I work for a school district in which we use an Exchange server for our email needs, I ran to this issue a while ago and never really seemed to understand it.

1. Setup up teacher email on a desktop computer.
2. Setup up teacher email on a laptop, as soon as i hit "Send and Receive", the email from the desktop was gone and sent it to the laptop.
3. Every email that was sent to that teacher was all going to laptop and not the desktop.

Any suggestions where i went wrong?

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If I understand your question, it's because

by robo_dev In reply to Outlook on Laptop and Des ...

Outlook is really meant to run on one computer at a time, and maintains local .ost and .pst files that you can move from one PC to another. There are tools to allow you to sync these on multiple computers as well.**627

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Not with an Exchange server.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If I understand your ques ...

robo_dev, you're describing a scenario that doesn't have an Exchange server. With a server, the default is to store the mail on the server, not in .pst or .ost files. The synchronization tools are not necessary. See my reply below.

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You didn't set them up the same way.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlook on Laptop and Des ...

You set the desktop up properly.

When you did the laptop, you make the wrong selection early in the account configuration process. Instead of selecting an Exchange account, you accidentally selected one of the options that moves mail from the server to the local client. This is useful if you're dealing with an ISP-provided e-mail account, but clearly not what you want with an Exchange server.

Do this: On the laptop, create a personal folder and move all the mail into it. Disconnect the personal folder, and close Outlook. Go to Control Panel, Mail, and delete the existing account. (This will NOT delete the user's account on the Exchange server or the personal folder you just created. It deletes the Outlook account settings on the laptop).

Restart Outlook and be sure you select the Exchange option when it prompts you to create a new account. Once it's created, open the personal folder and copy everything back to the Exchange account's Inbox. You should then see the messages on both systems.

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Not sure if this is the real problem, but

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Outlook on Laptop and Des ...

the usual default setting for most email clients is to remove messages from the server when they get downloaded to the email client, thus you can only get a specific message at one mail client. You have to change the mail client account preferences to 'leave messages on the server' so you can download them from multiple sources.

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