Outlook, or profile, problem.

By Baaaruuuce ·
This has been going on for 3 weeks now. I am new to this company, which I work for, so any help is appreciated.

First off, the company has an Exchange server, 2003 I think, and uses Outlook 2003 and 2007 for e-mails. I was sent to do a job where a person was not able to see a certain calendar, and could see a folder that she was not suppose to see. We will call the person Sue, to try to make it easier.

There is a group, called workers, that has a shared calendar that everyone in the company is suppose to be able to see. At first she could not, and I will get to that here in a minute. Aslo, there is a folder that her boss, John, has that she is not suppose to be able to see called Confi. Sue is suppose to see all of John's folders, and at first can. She cannot see the Calendar and she also can see the Confi folder which no one should be able to see.

All of the above information was on a laptop, that she was using at the time, and was in hopes that a new machine would fix the problem. I did a profile transfer, by going into safe mode with networking - showing all hidden files and folders - and copying everything in a flash drive (EVERYTHING).

I go to the new computer, log in as her once, then reboot into safe mode with networking and copy every file into the new profile. Same thing occurs, like the laptop. So I completely wipe her profile out, and only add the Desktop, favorites, and the Outlook NK2 file. Now the calendar is there, and she no longer sees the Confi folder, but now she only sees some of the shared folders she saw earlier. The folder shares are set like everyone else that is to see John's info, so I don't think that is it.

Any help?..PLEASE!!!!!!

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Run gpresult on Sue's profile.

by seanferd In reply to Outlook, or profile, prob ...

That will tell you exactly what is being applied.

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by Baaaruuuce In reply to Run gpresult on Sue's pro ...

ran the command, but when I open the notepad nothing is displayed.

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Try rsop.msc

by seanferd In reply to result

You'd need to be logged into the profile, at lest if done locally.

Not sure what the problem is - can't you just read from the CLI? Were you trying to pipe the result to a text file?

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