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Is there a timelimit after which out of office in outlook resends the out of office reply to a particular email address? For example, if someone is on vacation for a month and I email them on day 1 of their vacation, i get an out of office response. I then do not get an out of office reply for subsequent emails sent to that address. However around the end of week three/beginning of week four i do get an out of office reply again. Is this the way outlook works?


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That all depends.

by seanferd In reply to Outlook Out of Office Ass ...

The effect you are seeing could be due to any number of reasons. And in general, Outlook behaves as configured, so it would depend on the configuration of Outlook, whether this person's computer is even on all the time, whether he is in an Exchange environment and how that is configured...

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I think

by NexS In reply to That all depends.

She is referring to a corporate exchange system.
In which <b><a href=""> This </a></b> explains very briefly how Out-of-office works.

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by LazyMom In reply to That all depends.
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You are quite welcome.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks
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As above, but

by NexS In reply to You are quite welcome.

With a bigger smiley face.

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